7 Best SATA III Cables Review for 2023

Data transmission between your CPU units to the motherboard is an essential task that guarantees the performance of your computer.

When something fails, everything starts to deteriorate at a quick rate. To keep every bit of information flowing constantly, you want to have the best SATA cables interconnecting your hardware.

These cables serve a single purpose, which is to take information and transport it to a destination. Pieces of hardware that require the use of these components are the hard drive, DVD units, CD player, and many more. So, you need to have at least a couple of them nearby.

You’re in luck. Today, we’re reviewing the most efficient SATA cables to give you everything you need to know about these essential PC components.

Our Top Picks for Best SATA Cables

Let’s take a look at the seven picks that proved to be the best out of a wide range of SATA cables available in the market.

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1. Cable Matters 3-Pack SATA Cable, 90-Degree Right Angle

Cable Matters 3-Pack 90 Degree Right Angle SATA III 6.0 Gbps SATA Cable (SATA 3 Cable) Black - 18 Inches

The speed provided by this SATA III cable makes it possible to transfer data quickly and efficiently. It transmits at 6 Gbps, offering an incredible performance regardless of your setup; whether you’re doing a gaming gig or a RAID configuration, data will be transferred successfully in most CPUs.

Besides the stainless steel clip, this cable uses many other high-quality construction materials for every one of its pieces. For instance, there is the wire insulation for more protection, and the foil shielding, to name a few.

Perhaps the best feature of the structure is the tinned copper conductors. They will secure the connection once plugged, preventing any risk of losing the signal.

Another benefit of this cable is its versatility. It is compatible with backward SATA I, II, and II, which turns it into an ideal component for most computers out there. Asus DVD-RW ATA, LG devices, and desktops hard drives are only a couple of the pieces this SATA cable supports.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel clip
  • The surface of the cable is easy to grip
  • Outstanding design with wire insulation, copper conductors and foil shielding
  • Low-profile SATA cable for more comfort once plugged
  • It features a host card for RAID controller

2. Cable Matters 3-Pack Straight 24-Inch SATA III Cable

Cable Matters 3-Pack Straight SATA III 6.0 Gbps SATA Cable (SATA 3 Cable) Black - 24 Inches

When an 18-inch cable isn’t meeting your expectations, perhaps going for a 24-inch alternative will be the best choice. Here’s a pack of three pieces with those dimensions, providing that extra length that you may need for optimum customization of your personal computer.

These cables are both simple and easy to use. Considering they’re available at a low price, you should be able to acquire them without spending too much money.

Each cable measures 24-inch long, fitting most CPU cases comfortably. On the ends, they have the locking latches for a secure connection. The internal structure is the same as the previous pick, so there’s nothing new there. From the outside, these three components look and feel great.

The speed of transmission is also similar, offering the 6 Gbps capacity. In case you were wondering, these are also compatible with SATA I and II CPU ports. While not offering many new things when compared to the other cables, these pieces will suit anyone’s need by providing those additional cord inches most cables often lack.

Highlighted Features

  • 24-inch SATA cables with SATA I and II compatibility
  • Complete black exterior design
  • Low-profile SATA cables, with a flexible jacket for more customization
  • 6 Gbps speed transmission

3. BENFEI 3-Pack SATA III Straight Data Cable

SATA Cable III, BENFEI 3 Pack SATA Cable III 6Gbps Straight HDD SDD Data Cable with Locking Latch 18 Inch Compatible for SATA HDD, SSD, CD Driver, CD Writer - Black

BENFEI offers a 3-Pack of SATA cables with a stylish black design. The measurement of each piece is 18-inch long, which is a standard size we’ve seen many times in every other cable. Regardless, it has proven to be one of the most appropriate dimensions for these components.

After using the cables to install an SSD drive in both new and old CPU setups, the data speed increased significantly, improving the overall performance of the computer’s interface and data transmission.

For their quality, the price of these cables is more than worth it. They don’t have the 90-Degree Angle connector feature we all like from other cables, but plugging them into the ports is both easy and fast. Anyone with little to zero knowledge about these components will be able to do it.

Highlighted Features

  • Three SATA cables with a good-looking black design
  • 6 Gbps of capacity for data transmission
  • Locking latch for a secure connection

4. Relper-Lineso 6 Pack SATA III Cable with 90 Degree Right-Angle Connector

Relper-Lineso 6 Pack 90 Degree Right-Angle SATA III Cable 6.0 Gbps With Locking Latch 18Inch (6x Sata Cable Blue)

For a low price, this pack has a lot of things to offer. First and foremost, six different cables that you can use and leave others for spare in case you need them later on. They’re good-looking too! Far from the traditional black or red color, these come in a strong blue.

The cables have high compatibility with different units too. Some of them would be hard drives, CD players such as Blu-ray or DVD, and many more Serial devices classified as Serial ATA.

One of the things we most like about this SATA cable is the vertical shape of the connector, which is incredibly useful in some circumstances.

There are some occasions when we can’t access the motherboard ports using SATA cables with the standard design. If you don’t want to disassemble all the pieces, having one of these cables will help you access those spots easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Set of six good-looking SATA cables for your PC
  • Suitable connector shape to access those ports in a tight spot
  • High flexibility to bend it as much as possible
  • Locking latches for security

5. Neeyer 6 Pack Straight SATA III Cable

6 Pack Straight 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cable

You get six pieces in this package. With dual-channel technology, they support 6 Gbps to upload or download data. Also, the cable has separate shielding to secure a stable connection without interference. For the price and the fact that there are six cables included, this offer is one of the best.

The quality of each cable is noticeable from outside and inside. Copper wires and phosphor copper for the plug ensure they will perform at their highest level. They all include the metal latches, which help you secure a connection into the motherboard.

Very much similar to the other cables on our reviews, this one also offers compatibility with previous SATA versions, including SATA I and SATA II.

As a minor inconvenience, we have to mention that the cables are rather a stiffy. If you want to bend them around, even a little bit, it would be complicated. It is a minor setback that would reduce the amount of customization of our CPU components.

Highlighted Features

  • Six 18-inch SATA cables included in this package
  • Dual-channel tech, with proper shielding
  • Locking latches for more security
  • High-quality copper plugs

6. Inateck ST1003 SATA Data Cable and SATA Power Cable

SATA Cable, Inateck SATA Data Cable and SATA Power Splitter Cable, ST1003

This package includes several different pieces to transmit your data through the PC components successfully. There are two SATA cables for data transmission and two power cables. Each one is compatible with every SATA connector, including for HDD, SSD, and DVD drives.

Once installed, the cables perform well. Data transmission is fast, efficient, and trouble-free, without interference or unpleasant interruptions. With a maximum speed of 6 Gbps, the system uploads the information input satisfactorily. The cables are compatible with SATA I & II.

Also, the amount of flexibility in these SATA cables is also noteworthy. It allows you to bend them in case you need to place them neatly around other CPU components.

Due to the easy process to install the cables, everyone will benefit from this complete kit. If there ever comes a time when you need to set up additional hard drives in different systems, this SATA cable package is the right call.

Highlighted Features

  • The package offers a pair of SATA cables for data and a couple more for power input
  • Quick data transmission through PC components
  • The top speed provided by these cables is 6 Gbps
  • Compatible with SATA I and SATA II components


BENFEI SATA Cable III, SATA Cable III 6Gbps Straight HDD SDD Data Cable with Locking Latch 18 Inch Compatible for SATA HDD, SSD, CD Driver, CD Writer

While going for this option doesn’t give you as many cables as the previous picks, it is still a capable SATA component that works equally, and sometimes better, than the rest. It secures a stable connection between the motherboard or controllers and the CPU’s hard drives or DVD unit.

When connected, the transmission capacity of the cable goes up to 6 Gbps. It is nothing new considering that every other SATA cable offers the same, but it still is a huge plus that we shouldn’t underestimate.

This cable has the classic locking latch, so you can count on a secure and stable connection once you plug the connector in the port. Then, the data travels at a maximum speed of 6 Gbps, faster than the previous SATA II. If necessary, this SATA cable has backward compatibility with SATA I & II.

Highlighted Features

  • Quality construction with L-Type SATA key featuring 7 pins
  • Durable stainless steel for the clip
  • Compatible with SATA I, II, and III
  • User-friendly design, easy to install and use
  • Plug-n-Play, no drivers required to start functioning

PC sata cable

Things to Consider Before Buying SATA Cables

Many elements are necessary for a SATA cable to work properly. However, there are some essential features that not one cable should lack. We’ll talk about them next.

Quality Materials

Since these pieces are responsible for the transmission of your data, they must have solid construction.

Many elements create a high-quality SATA cable, but the most essential is the 7-pin receptacle, a stainless steel clip, and a surface easy to grip, as it will make it easier to plug the connector without applying too much pressure.

The construction of each cable varies between brands, so that’s why we’ve chosen the standard layout of the Cable Matters SATA pieces, which are the best.

Speed Capacity

The speed capacity is yet another consideration to keep in mind before choosing your SATA cable. You probably noticed that we covered only 6 Gbps cables, and the reason for that is because there is nothing better than that. SATA cables with 6 Gbps capacity are more than capable of satisfying your needs.

Locking Latch

The locking latch is a small mechanism that ensures the connectors will remain in place after plugging them in the port. After you hear the clip sound, you’ll know the SATA cable has established a stable connection on both the motherboard and the PC units.

Through this mechanism, users won’t have to worry about losing signal, facing data interference, or other issues that may cause the computer to act poorly.

Final Words & Recommendation

Throughout our reviews, we’ve covered seven of the best SATA cables available for our computers. While they may seem the same, they do have some unique features that separate them from the rest.

We want to make emphasis on the SATA cables with 90-degree connectors. More often than not, people are unaware of this feature, and yet, it is one of the most satisfying elements these cables provide.

The possibility to set the connector at an angle allows us to reach even the tight places of the CPU.

That’s our opinion. You’d know better what your computer needs, that’s why we recommend taking a look at every product before making your call.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.


  1. My only concern about Cable Matters is that its connectors are a bit blocky and oversized. If your connectors are spaced too closely on either the motherboard or the drive, then you can’t use the adjacent plug. It’s going to be an issue if the neighboring connectors are crucial as well.

    • However, It has an easy-grip surface, so even if your fingers are a bit slippery, you won’t have difficulty plugging it in or taking it off. And to ensure it stays in place when installed, the manufacturer included latching clips, which lock it in place.

  2. “The speed capacity is yet another consideration to keep in mind before choosing your SATA cable. You probably noticed that we covered only 6 Gbps cables…”

    LOL, There is no such thing as a 6 Gbps SATA cable, nor is there any such thing as a “SATA III” cable. Every SATA cable ever made will perform at the same speed. ALL OF THEM! The SATA cable you bought for $1 ten years ago will perform at 6 Gbps as well as a $7 (or more) “SATA III” cable you can buy today.

    “SATA I” = “SATA II” = “SATA III”. It is all marketing and there is literally no difference in speed. All will do 6 Gbps easily.

    The ONLY possible difference between cables is build quality for longevity. Some cables are made with better material and may have secure clips on the end, but none of them run any faster than older and cheaper cables.

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