How to Lock and Unlock the Fn (Function) Key on Your Laptop

Your laptop has an function key (Fn) that allows you to control various settings on your system. This can save you time, but it can also irritate you, because it is possible that you accidentally use a combination of functions to change something you do not want.

It is quite possible to disable your laptop’s function key so that you do not use it accidentally. Therefore, in this article you will learn what you need to do to lock and unlock the function key on your laptop

How to Lock and Unlock the Fn (Function) Key on Your Laptop

The first thing you need to do is find out where your function key is located. On laptops, you can usually find the key in the bottom row of keys on your keyboard between the Ctrl key and the Windows key. It is usually abbreviated as Fn. The following picture shows where the fn key usually is located. 


There are two main methods to unlock or lock the function key in Windows 10 and 11. The methods are described below. 

Unlock and Lock the Function key with Keyboard Shortcuts

Your laptop’s function key is probably permanently enabled or permanently locked. If your function key is locked, you can unlock it using keyboard shortcuts. The problem with this is that different laptop manufacturers probably have different ways to unlock your function key.

The first button you can look for is the “fn lock” button. The lock button is usually located on or near the Esc button. 

If you don’t find it, here are some combinations you can try to unlock your function key:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Num
  • Fn + Num
  • Fn + F11
  • Num + F11
  • Fn + left Shift
  • Fn + Esc

If any of these combinations work on your laptop to unlock the function key, then you should be able to use them again to lock it. Usually, these combinations work on a toggle basis to switch from one state to another.

Not all laptops have the Num key. If your laptop does not have it, try using the combinations with the Ins / Insert key. If you are unsuccessful with the suggested key combinations, you may find the correct combinations on your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Unlock and Lock your Laptop’s function key via BIOS

Your laptop has a (basic input-output system) program that the CPU uses to start your machine. With some BIOS programs, you will be able to change the settings for your function key to lock it or unlock it.

If your laptop is on, use the shutdown feature to turn it off. Turn on your computer, and then press the F10 key (sometimes F2) to bring up the BIOS program for your laptop.

You will need to navigate using the arrow keys on your keyboard while in BIOS. First, locate the system settings page. Look for action key settings, and when you find them for your function key, you will probably need to use the Enter key on your keyboard to see the options to enable and disable them.

Choose whether you want to enable or disable your function key, save, and exit the BIOS program. The BIOS program in your laptop is very powerful, and you should not mess around with the various settings if you do not know what you are doing. Besides, this may cause your computer to stop working.

Each laptop model is likely to have a different combination required to change system settings. Therefore, you will usually use a second key in conjunction with the Fn key to change settings. Here are some of the most common settings you can change using combinations with the function key:

So now you know what the function key can do for you; it’s time to use it’s functionality.

Where is the fn Key on a Keyboard?

The Fn (function) button is usually located in the down right corner. See the picture below. 

keyboard wirelss


We have shown you two ways to enable or disable the function key on your laptop. There is a free application called SharpKeys that you can download and install that allows you to change the functionality of the keys on your keyboard. You can also use it to lock or unlock your function key. You can download the latest version of SharpKeys from here. If you have any problems with locking or unlocking the function key, please leave a comment below.


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